Popular Culture: The Festivities Of La Mercè In Barcelona

Popular Culture: the Festivities of la Mercè in Barcelona

  • 19.09.2018

The Festes de la Mercè are the municipal festivity of Barcelona. Giants, capgrossos (literally translated as bigheads), castellers (a Catalan tradition of erecting human towers), dances, music, trabucaires (folkloric reenactors armed with blunderbuss firearms)... A thousand and one activities will…

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Turisme Unihabit: El Call Jueu De Girona

Turisme Unihabit: el Call jueu de Girona

  • 22.08.2018

El Call jueu de Girona, dins de la Força Vella de Girona es un dels millor conservats de tot Europa i un exemple de la importància que va tenir la comunitat hebraica medieval en l'evolució de la ciutat. Si no…

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Three Magical Places On The Costa Brava In Girona

Three magical places on the Costa Brava in Girona

  • 7.08.2018

The Costa Brava has a 1001 spectacular beaches. Hidden coves, pathways along the the seaside, bicycle trails, lighthouses that will show you the way, fishes of every colour of the rainbow, crystal clear wàter... This summer with the Unihabit Girona…

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Unihabit Recipe: Your Kitchen For A Dinner With Friends

Unihabit Recipe: your kitchen for a dinner with friends

  • 1.08.2018

 A les residències universitàries de Ciutat Vella a Barcelona d’Unihabit tindràs l’oportunitat de convidar a tota la colla de nous amics i amigues per a fer un sopar i llepar-vos els dits! Trobareu l’espai necessari per repartir-vos les tasques, posar…

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Four Things To Do In Sant Cugat Del Vallès

Four Things to Do in Sant Cugat del Vallès

  • 18.07.2018

Sant Cugat del Vallès offers hundreds of things to do every week. Just 15 minutes from Barcelona and 20 minutes from the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), you can enjoy the city’s parks, go have dinner in a multitude of…

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Unihabit Interview: The Musicologist Ramon Pera

Unihabit interview: the musicologist Ramon Pera

  • 12.06.2018

Once again, Unihabit, we want to introduce you to a member of our great #unihabitfamily; Ramon Pera. He is currently a resident of the university residence Unihabit Ciutat Vella and a very musical interviewee of our Unihabit Interview of the…

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Unihabit Recipe: Spinach And Corn Empanada

Unihabit Recipe: Spinach and corn empanada

  • 23.05.2018

The Unihabit recipe of the month! As always healthy, easy to prepare and delicious! For all those kitchen lovers and lovers of prompt gatherings where you even invite your sixth floor neighbour who you only met the previous week; here…

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